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Teach Your Dog to Fetch Your Slippers

Mon, October 29, 2012

Teach your dog to fetch you shoes or slippers with this easy to master trick. Practice this trick 4-6 times per session and in a few weeks your dog will be able to fetch your slippers for you when your feet are cold! This trick builds on the basic "fetch" trick.

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    In an empty room or area, please a slipper a short distance away from your dog and ask him to "fetch" the slipper and bring it to you. Reward with a treat. Practice this until your dog is bringing you the slipper when you say "fetch slipper" or "fetch shoe."

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    Once you dog has mastered this in one room, place the slipper in a different room, or out of site, and ask your dog to fetch it for you. Reward with a treat.

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    Repeat with a different pair of shoes. Your dog will learn to bring you any pair of shoes that smells like your feet.