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Teach Your Dog to Fetch | Pawsome Tricks | Beefeaters

Pawsome Tricks

Teach Your Dog to Fetch

Sun, March 25, 2012

Training your dog to fetch builds on first teaching "take it" and "drop it." Be sure to reward your dog with a tasty treat! We'd love to see your dog performing their best tricks, so please share them with us on our facebook page.

  • 1

    Take It: Begin by handing your dog a favorite toy, while giving him a verbal cue such as "take it." After a few seconds, trade him a treat for the toy. Only give your dog the treat if you take it from his mouth.

  • 2

    Drop It & Give: When your dog is holding a toy, point to the ground and say "drop it." When your dog does drop the toy, reward him with a treat and give him back his toy. To teach him to give you his toy, command him to "give" it to you, while your dog has the toy in his mouth, in exchange for a treat. Give your dog his toy back so he understands that the command means he will not loose it forever.

  • 3

    Make a slit in a tennis ball and drop a treat inside. Toss the ball playfully for your dog to fetch. Encourage your dog to get the ball and bring it back to you.

  • 4

    Ask your dog to drop the ball and give it to you. Squeeze the ball to release the treat and reward your dog. After practising this for a while, you can switch to a different ball without a treat inside of it. Always ensure you are using the right sized ball for your dog.