Pawsome Tricks

Teach Your Dog to Fetch Your Slippers

Mon, October 29, 2012,

Teach your dog to fetch you shoes or slippers with this easy to master trick. Practice this trick 4-6 times per session and in a few weeks your dog will be able to fetch… Read More

Teach Your Dog to Speak

Thu, August 30, 2012,

Teach your dog how to bark on command with this easy to learn trick! Be sure to reward your dog only when your ask him to "speak." Never reward your dog for barking when… Read More

Go To Your Crate

Tue, July 24, 2012,

A crate provides a den for your dog and make him feel safe. Add a blanket or a cover to the crate to make it more cozy and comfortable. Use treats and praise to… Read More

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