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Dog Care | Beefeaters Dog Care | Beefeaters

Dog Care

At Beefeaters, we know that our products are only a small aspect of the overall health of your pet.

We are happy to be a part of your dog's health, well-being and your family.

Our goal is to ensure your dog’s health starts with what he eats. That’s why we use the highest quality, natural ingredients in our products for a great taste.
Good behavior deserves a tasty treat and our healthy morsels come in many sizes, shapes and flavors to suit your dog’s needs.

A healthy dog is a happy dog! While your dog’s environment, age and activities all play into his health, what he eats is also equally important. As a tip, look at the list of ingredients when you are purchasing treats. Beefeaters natural dog treats feature the following ingredients: beef, lamb, chicken, whole grains such as rice, sweet potato, and 100% natural rawhide or pig hide. They are high in protein, low in fat and contain no fillers, artificial colors or flavors.

There are literally hundreds of Beefeaters natural dog treats with a wide range of textures, shapes, sizes and hardness to address your pet's individual preferences, size and life stage. From great ingredients, come great products. See below for the health benefits of our ingredients:

Meats, such as Chicken, duck, pork, beef and lamb, have many benefits for your dog. They high in protein and rich in amino acids for muscle building and tissue repair. Most importantly, they also have that great taste that dogs crave!

Vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and carrots provide dogs with essential vitamins and minerals. Our sweet potato products are a healthy choice with a hint of sweetness that dog love.

Grains, such as rice and oats, are an important part of a dog’s diet and provide a long-lasting, healthy source of energy.

Rawhide is a dog's second best friend. Not only does rawhide provide hours upon hours of enjoyment and entertainment but also it stimulates the teeth and gums by breaking up tartar, plaque and helping to prevent gingivitis. Rawhide is fantastic for puppies, as it helps them get through teething, which is just as painful and uncomfortable for them as it is for human babies.

Feeding FAQ’s:
What treats can I feed my dog if he has a medical condition?
Your veterinarian is best qualified to recommend treats that won’t aggravate a medical condition.  Don’t take any chances with your pet’s health.

Will feeding dog treats lead to obesity?
Keep in mind that treats should be used as snacks and rewards.  Like all good things, treats should be fed in moderation.  Discuss food portions and treats with your veterinarian if your pet is gaining weight.

Are Beefeaters® treats and chews safe?
Yes - stringent quality control is practiced in selecting ingredients and in the manufacturing process itself.  Technological, nutritional and sensory guidelines are established at every stage of the process to ensure consistent quality.  Quality assurance testing is ongoing:  no expense is spared to ensure high and consistent quality across the entire Beefeaters® line.

What are the benefits of rawhide chews?
Rawhide chews provide the medical and dental benefits of reducing plaque and tartar. In addition to relieving stress and burning off excess energy, your pet gets to exercise his natural chewing instinct on something more appropriate than your favorite shoes. Puppies of course, derive the most obvious benefit: they're teething.

When can you start feeding puppies rawhide?
Rawhide can be fed to puppies older than 12 weeks.

Are there special treats recommended for training?
Training treats should be small in size and low in calories.  Since training usually involves multiple treats, you don’t want your dog or puppy so full that he won’t work for the food reward.

Where does rawhide come from?
Rawhide is a natural product derived from cow and pig hides, and chews are made with the tissue of the inner layers.

How are rawhide chews made?
When animal hide is processed, the two layers of skin are divided, washed and cleaned.  The hides are then cut, formed and dried.  Beefeaters® chews are oven-baked to avoid over drying.

How are natural juices added to rawhide?
Before the rawhide is dried, Beefeaters® bastes the natural juices of beef, cheese and bacon, peanut butter, mint, lamb and rice, hickory, chicken and liver for superior taste.

What is compressed rawhide?
This is a natural product that contains nothing but pieces of rawhide pressed into a particular shape.  It is harder and lasts up to 5 times longer than regular rawhide.

Do rawhide chews and treats cause choking?
Choking rarely happens with rawhide, but there are two simple safety precautions to practice.
- Ensure that the rawhide treat is large enough that the dog can’t easily chew it off and swallow either a large piece or the whole chew
- Replace the dog’s rawhide treat when it’s been reduced to the point it can fit in his mouth