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Dogs and the Law

Thu, January 05, 2012,

Owning a dog comes with many joys and responsibilities. One thing you should be aware of is the law in your state/ city and how is affects you and your pet. (Of course, these are just general rules so please consult your lawyer for legal advice if a situation requires it)

A few legal situations involving your pet:

  • Custody of your dog: In the event that a couple separates, custody of the dog will usually go to the person who purchased the dog and was financially responsible for it. Gather as many documents as you can, such as your ownership, dog license and veterinary records.
  • Your dog was attacked by another dog: It is an unwritten rule that if your dog is attacked by another dog, the owner of the other dog should compensate your medical bills. They are not required to pay for anything extra. Where it gets dicey is if you felt your life was in danger
  • My dog barks all day while I’m at work, can I be evicted? The simple answer is yes for causing ‘unreasonable noise.’ Don’t antagonize your neighbors – go see your vet or trainer and do something about it!
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