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Best Dog Breeds For Children

Tue, April 23, 2013,

Do your children ask for a dog every chance they get? Are you finally ready to make their dreams come true, but aren’t sure where to start? Finding a dog that will fit with your family can be difficult, so we have put together a list of breeds that are known to be great with children.

They are built to be able to handle your kids enthusiasm and energy and will put up with a lot. Additionally they are well adapted to both small apartments and large homes. Bulldogs are known for developing strong bonds with children.

They are pretty much your childproof breed, as they are built sturdy but the best thing is that a beagle is high energy. This means they love to play with children and are likely to wear your kids out.

They might look intimidating but this breed is one giant teddy bear. They are gentle and loving by nature and best of all their size makes them durable.

Labrador Retriever
This breed is arguably one of the most popular breeds for families, and why shouldn’t it be? They love to please humans, are protective, loving, and reliable. They are also incredibly intelligent, making them the most popular breed for service dogs.

Bull Terrier
While larger breeds are normally best suited for children, this breed has a high threshold meaning it’s perfect for young children that might be overly excited and too rough. They are very protective of their family and are quite affectionate.

Bernese Mountain Dog
Their gentle easygoing manner and desire to be close to their masters make them a great family pet.

Saint Bernard
Remember Beethoven? This large breed might drool a lot but it loves children. They are best suited for large homes and rural areas where they can run and play.

The dog so many of us let into our homes as children, Lassie, was a Collie. Just like in the TV show, this breed makes a devoted family member.

Golden Retriever
This breed is extremely patient which we all know is crucial when dealing with young children. They are a popular breed for service dogs and are avid swimmers.

Icelandic Sheepdog
This easy to train breed is known to be very social. They tend to be loving and patient with children and are eager to please.

Portuguese Water Dog
This breed is currently the ‘first pooch’. The Obama family chose the Portuguese Water Dog when searching for the perfect family pet. It’s known for being a great watchdog and is good with children. It is very intelligent and takes a vested interest in its family. This breed is also hypoallergenic, and not a big shedder. 

Of course, this is by news means an exhaustive list, and any breed that is well-trained can be great with kids.

Some of the key characteristics that make great family pets are: loyalty, patience, size, and gentleness. Of course size is important too, they have to be ‘childproof’. Remember any dog your bring home is going to put a big smile on your child’s face but it’s important to pick one that will suit your family! Good luck in your pooch search!

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