Our Process

  • Sterilized employees at the forming table.

  • Raw material and forming process.

  • Finished dried product.

  • Shape Rawhide in drying racks.

  • Stainless steel drying racks with product rolling into oven.

  • Product drying.

  • Compressed chicken top finished product.

  • Knotted Rawhide Bone and Chicken Top Knotted Bone final product.

  • Knotted Bones.

  • Rawhide Twists packaged.

  • Product being formed at production table.

At Beefeaters, our primary concern is ensuring your dog is getting a great product. That’s why all of our products are oven-baked with natural ingredients to ensure your pet is only eating treats that are as good for him as they are fun to chew.

We work with a team of skilled veterinarians and nutrition experts so all of our products are made with your dog’s health in mind. We also have a full range of treats to suit all kinds of dogs, from senior dogs to the most active companions, because we want your dog to have as much fun with his treats as you do with him!

In addition to our full line of rawhide products, Beefeaters® offers a taste to suit any dog's palate:
• Duck, chicken and pork fillets
• Dental treats and rawhide combinations
• Chicken Tops
• Liver freeze-dried treats Beefeaters products are natural, without additives or preservatives.

And all are oven-baked to seal in flavor.

Oven Baked Process

All Beefeaters products are all-natural, without additives or preservatives, and are oven-baked to seal in flavor. Check out the oven-baked process above to learn how our products are made.